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Meet Donna

Donna Brown Newton is a mother, grandmother, and activist that believes in affordable healthcare, a living wage for all, and a free and equitable public education system. She has always been committed to putting people over politics.

Donna is a lifelong resident of Mt. Pleasant where she now lives with her son and grandson and has devoted her life to public service. Donna has been an activist since her teenage years when she participated in her first rally for equal pay with hospital workers during the 1969 nurses' strike. Donna is a proud graduate of Charleston County Public Schools. In 2012, she received her Bachelor of Science from Southern Wesleyan University with a concentration in business. Early in her career, Donna discovered a passion for education and assisting students in public schools. For the next 25 years she worked as an Administrative Assistant in the offices of Special Education, Guidance, and Counseling Services. Donna is a 2018 graduate of Emerge South Carolina, a Democratic women candidate training program. She has served on Charleston County Disabilities Board for four years and is currently serving on the Charleston County Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee.

She also serves on the Snowden Community Civic Association Board where she works tirelessly to improve the essential quality of life for the residents in her community by obtaining access to wastewater services. In addition to her public service, Donna is a firm advocate of the right to vote for all citizens. She deeply understands the power of the ballot and consequently, she has voted in every election since she was first eligible to vote in the 1976 Presidential Election.

In 2020, Donna was inspired to run for SC House District 99, however, due to redistricting, the district has now become the new District 80. She has stepped up once more and answered the call to run as a candidate for State House District 80 in the November, 2022 election. Donna is confident that her dedication to public service and commitment to ensuring a better Mt. Pleasant for all residents has prepared her to serve her community in the State House.